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We hold our services to such a high standard that we will give you a money back guarantee if we do not obtain a resolution for you, thereby taking the risk off of you entirely.
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Client Testimonials

Norma , Garden Grove, California
My daughter told me about Community Tax because I had started with some other people here. I was in an abusive marriage situation and I lived in a couple of women shelters, one for almost two years. And when I came back, my husband passed away a few weeks after. There might have been a miscommunication during my first experience with them. But after that, Community Tax were awesome and so good for me. I would like to keep them on the top of my list for help. They took a load off my shoulders that was on it for years...

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James , Llano, Texas
Community Tax is as good as it gets. They took care of everything – they filed my income tax for me again this year after they handled the settlement for me. Everything went fine and it’s kind of done deal for now. They were all very professional. I don’t have any problem whatsoever with them.
  • Liability: $130,000
  • Resolution: Offer In Compromise & Tax Preparation
David , Nashville, Tennessee
Community Tax is absolutely fantastic. They kept me informed passively. They put the legal issues in terms so that regular people like me understand, so it was very easy to deal with.
  • Liability: $40,000
  • Resolution: Installment Agreement & Tax Prep
Norma , Starkville, Mississipi
I thank Community Tax for everything they did for me. I’ve got less stress and I feel good about myself. I had gotten into trouble with the IRS and I didn’t know what I was going to do about it. I was sending paperwork in and still it wasn’t enough for them so I started to get stressed out, having high blood pressure and all that kind of stuff. But one day, their commercial came on the TV and it was saying about Community Tax relief so I called them. Everybody I talked to was so nice to me and helped me with everything. They followed up and kept me in contact with everything that was going on. I would tell anybody to call them and let them help because they’re so good.
  • Liability: $9,000
  • Resolution: Offer in Compromise
Latika , Indianapolis, Indiana
I went with Community Tax because taxes have been too much to pay. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to pay it all and pay what they wanted me to pay monthly; it was next to impossible. I’ve completed their program and it was a good service. They were awesome. They helped me in everything I needed help with. There was a point where I wasn’t able to pay the last payment with the IRS because I didn’t have enough time. They called and got their lawyer for me and gave me more time. They were also very friendly. It was a good experience and helpful.
  • Liability: Offer in Compromise
  • Resolution: $19,000
Eryka , Justin, Texas
I’m so glad I found Community Tax. When I got laid off from Verizon in 2010 I had been there right at 10 years so I had a severance package. What I didn’t know is that the time when the check was cut, Verizon did not take any taxes out. So when I went ahead and filed my taxes no big deal! The next year, the IRS contacted me saying I owe them close to $20,000. I didn’t have that amount just sitting around somewhere. That’s when I thought....

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Rickey , Conway, Arkansas
I called Community Tax because I had a tax problem and wanted to see if they could help with that… and they have. Their team members were real good, helpful and did a pretty good job. Community Tax took a lot of pressure off me.
  • Liability: $15,000
  • Resolution: Currently Not Collectible & Tax Preparation
Robert , Prattville, Alabama
The Community Tax was really good. They tend to everything, all our needs, helped out a lot. Specifically, the attention to detail and then really making sure what was going on, and what exactly was gonna be done.
  • Liability: $30,000
  • Resolution: Currently Not Collectible & Tax Preparation
Lenora J , Staten Island, New York
I’d just like to let any and everyone know at Community Tax that I, Lenora J., and My husband Robert J., have nothing but good things to say about Jennifer Toussaint and her crew. They helped me, they were very precise, they gave me all the information and everything I needed to get rid of my problems with the IRS. They are super uber professional and the most brilliant group that I’ve ever dealt with. I had went to a couple of other tax companies that were supposed to help and none of them even come close to your company. Bravo and may all of you have a very very merry Christmas and an awesome and prosperous new year. Thank you.
  • Liability: $17,700
  • Resolution: Offer in Compromise for $250
Antonio P , Chula Vista, California
Yes, my name is Antonio P. and I just want to leave a testimonial stating that Community Tax is the best thing I ever did in my life as far as working with them on my taxes. They helped me out with everything. They were so patient and they called me back when I asked them to. They always kept me updated and they actually worked out a reasonable paying program for me that I can actually afford so I can take care of my debt. I recommend to anybody Community Tax and I was just very tickled pink that I found them. If my recommendation means anything to anybody, just know that they are one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. God bless you and thank you for everything.
  • Liability: $18.000
  • Resolution: Offer In Compromis

Tax Relief Services

Have you received a Lien or Wage Garnishment? Don’t try to fight the IRS yourself when you can hire a team of Tax Practitioners and CPA’s to represent you? You may not owe as much as the IRS says you do. Have one of our Tax Specialists help you today.

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Tax Preparation Services

Community tax provides world class personalized tax preparation services. We offer the tailored experience that you expect from your tax preparation professionals, and we operate remotely so you never need to leave your office.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

We have designed a service process that allows businesses to fully outsource bookkeeping and accounting to our seasoned accountants at very reasonable prices. We can adapt to your businesses needs, and completely take your bookkeeping off your hands.

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About Community Tax Dallas

Community Tax was created by Attorneys and Bankers with years of experience in both tax debt resolution and financial services. Our mission is to create a new standard for the industry, in which the customer and their best interest truly come first. We have grown tired of seeing clients getting taken advantage of and paying outrageous upfront fees for which they receive little to no service in return. Too many clients are turned away from our competitors because they couldn’t pay high upfront fees. Our corporate philosophy is that no client should pay full price for a service until they know what their options are and what kind of help they can expect from us.

You come first.

As we have evolved and grown, Community Tax has remained dedicated to its founding mission and principals; top notch customer service, a guarantee on our work and a commitment to customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes.

Plans tailored for you.

Our dedicated tax professionals will work with you to custom tailor a tax strategy geared not just towards the present, but the future as well. We will not give you a “canned” answer but look at all of your specific life circumstances.

One Stop Shop

We take pride in being a “one stop shop” for all of your tax related needs. In addition to resolving delinquent tax liabilities and filing all past, present and future tax returns, We offer a full service bookkeeping program for all small to medium sized businesses and self-employed individuals.

Call us today!  We can help you with all of your tax needs.

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