Eryka , Justin, Texas

I’m so glad I found Community Tax. When I got laid off from Verizon in 2010 I had been there right at 10 years so I had a severance package. What I didn’t know is that the time when the check was cut, Verizon did not take any taxes out. So when I went ahead and filed my taxes no big deal! The next year, the IRS contacted me saying I owe them close to $20,000. I didn’t have that amount just sitting around somewhere. That’s when I thought I have to find somebody to help me because I can’t go to prison and I don’t want my house taken. And that’s when I reached out to Community Tax because I just didn’t know where else to go or who to call. I did successfully complete their program. And this year, when I filed my taxes, the IRS stated that I had a tax debt, which I knew I did not because I had just gone through the program with Community Tax. So even though they were no longer representing me at the time, because I had already paid my settlement and whatnot, I reached out to them in a panic again, asking them what’s going on and telling them the IRS is taking my income tax again. This would have been the third year in a row. So even though they were not representing me anymore because I had already paid the settlement, they were still willing at no charge to contact the IRS to find out what was going on if I didn’t get it resolved myself. And I thought that was awesome because they didn’t have to do that. My payments were due on a specific date. I could call ahead and say, “Hey! Look, I just got paid today. Let me go ahead and withdraw the funds.” I didn’t have to wait until my payment due date to make my payments. I always got an email confirmation letting me know that the payment transaction had gone through. They were awesome! If I had questions because it’s not like I’m a worrywart. It’s just that when the IRS has your name, you want to make sure you do everything in your power to do exactly what is being asked of you. Nothing less. I would send an email. I’d get a response back in a day or I’d get a phone call, whichever it was. Because when you’re working, you can’t always get called at work. So I would say, “Send me an email and I’ll check it on my phone.” When I first called them and they were telling me about the fees, I was like in disbelief, crying. The guy from Community Tax was like, “No, no, no! Don’t panic! We’ll work with you.” There’s no possible way I could’ve just come out of my pocket and say “Whammo! Here’s the money!” because if that’s the case, I could’ve paid the IRS. So I’m really impressed with Community Tax’s service. I don’t know how I would have got through it without them. They went beyond what they needed to do. I’m in customer service myself. I work for one of the big lenders and loss mitigation and I know how it is when people are in a bind. They don’t know which way to turn and it’s so good to get somebody on the phone who’s going to listen to you, let you vent, let you talk, and then, “Okay. This is what we are going to do.” That was really important to me.

  • Liability: $20,000
  • Resolution: Offer In Compromise & Tax Preparation