Norma , Garden Grove, California

My daughter told me about Community Tax because I had started with some other people here. I was in an abusive marriage situation and I lived in a couple of women shelters, one for almost two years. And when I came back, my husband passed away a few weeks after. There might have been a miscommunication during my first experience with them. But after that, Community Tax were awesome and so good for me. I would like to keep them on the top of my list for help. They took a load off my shoulders that was on it for years. I have successfully completed the Community Tax program. I have made two payments, a $186 fee and a $100 deposit which they applied. I went to them in Santa Ana because I didn’t want anything to get messed up in the mail and I want to be sure that they have it in their system – right there in the IRS.

  • Liability: $11.177
  • Resolution: Offer in Compromise