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The IRS is the most powerful debt collector in the country, and has broad powers to garnish money from your paychecks or levy the funds in your bank account. A wage garnishment or bank levy can be an unwelcome surprise if you have bills to pay and it can throw your finances into disarray, setting you back months on accomplishing your financial goals.


What is a Notice of Intent to Levy?

A Notice of Intent to Levy is the IRS’s way of warning you that it will seize your assets should you not make outstanding payments soon. Its purpose is to essentially “scare” uncooperative taxpayers into settling their debt. If this notice is ignored, a levy will be issued and you will see your assets seized.

How Can I Stop a Tax Levy?

If the IRS issues a garnishment or levy you still have options to stop it. The only trouble is that most taxpayers are unaware what their options are or how to effectively navigate through them. The experienced professionals at Community Tax Dallas can help you stop tax levy actions if the IRS has one in place or can help stop collection problems from ever starting. Community Tax Dallas can guide you through a series of options, including offer in compromise, installment agreements, and uncollectible debt declarations.

Should I Ask for an Offer in Compromise?

An offer in compromise is an agreement with the IRS to pay a smaller amount than you actually owe. While acceptance for an offer in compromise is rare, this can be a wonderful option for taxpayers facing hefty debts. The filing process is complicated, but a tax professional can help you determine whether or not your request is likely to be accepted. Should it be accepted, your levy will be released and you will be considered in good standing with the IRS.


What About Installment Agreements?

You may also consider filing for an installment agreement with the IRS. This is a plan between you and the IRS that says you will pay off your debt in monthly increments until it’s settled completely. Once an agreement is accepted, your levy will likely be released and you’ll remain in good standing as long as you keep up with monthly payments. Tax professionals can help you determine the appropriate requests to ensure a better chance of acceptance.

How Can My Debt Be Declared Uncollectible?

It could be that in your financial case, it is unfair for the IRS to collect any overdue taxes. Community Tax Dallas can help you determine if this applies to your case. However, they will only cease collections once it is proven that it is actually unfair. If you can prove that a wage garnishment causes undue hardship, the government will stop its collection. This is a temporary solution, but can be essential for those struggling to come up with the necessary funds. A tax professional can analyze your financial, work, and tax situation to determine the best solution for you.

To stop tax levy actions you need to file all required back tax returns and reach a resolution with the IRS such as an installment agreement, hardship status, or a settlement. Community Tax Dallas has helped thousands of taxpayers file back tax returns and reach resolutions with the IRS. Community Tax Dallas will custom tailor a resolution plan for you that can stop or prevent tax levies and put your account into good standing with the IRS.

If you need IRS tax levy services, let Community Tax Dallas’ experienced tax professionals design a plan to stop tax levy actions on your account today. Our company gives customers a rare opportunity to work directly with our entire tax resolution team, comprised of enrolled agents, CPA’s, tax attorneys, case analysts and case managers. This stems from our company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and quality service. We work diligently to ensure that our customers are kept informed and that their tax problems are handled efficiently. Unlike other resolution companies, in which customers pay high upfront fees, Community Tax Dallas always undergoes a detailed investigation of our client’s finances and ensures that they receive the services required to completely resolve their tax issues. Get a free consultation today and find out how you can get IRS tax levy services and your other tax resolution needs met today.

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