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Income Tax Preparation is a service provided by Community Tax Dallas that goes hand in hand with our other services and areas of expertise. Many of our existing clients benefit from the assistance given by our accountants, CPAs and tax preparers every year. Every one of our tax preparers at a minimum is licensed with a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), however, many also are Certified Public Accountants and/or Enrolled Agents. Beyond the licensing, our tax professionals have worked on thousands of different returns and seen almost every type of situation imaginable.

writing-1149962_1920In light of the fact that many customers coming to Community Tax Dallas are faced with scrutiny and pressure from the IRS and/or State taxing authorities, it is necessary that we go to additional lengths to ensure a complete and accurate return. As a company with a strong resolution department, it is critical for us to take steps that our competitors don’t take. A limited power of attorney is filed on behalf of all of our clients so that we can contact the IRS and/or state when necessary and also to order transcripts and account records from the IRS. This is done to ensure that no source of income or expense is missed or accidentally left off by our customers. This process helps to avoid failure in tax return filing, as well as notices being generated by the IRS indicating that a return is not correct. All client returns are first assigned to a dedicated tax preparer who will take over the preparation of the return. Upon completion, the return is submitted to Community Tax Dallas’ review team composes of seasoned CPA’s with as much as 30 years of experience practicing as a certified public accountant. The reviewer will then analyze the return with a fine toothed comb to ensure that quality of the final product. Your return will be sent via mail, or email if requested, and then filed immediately upon receipt of your signature pages.

Our income tax preparers can help you with social security income, stock sales, rental income, sale or transfer of assets, interest income, dividends, unemployment compensation, gambling or lottery income and any other miscellaneous income. Most types of income can be considered taxable by the IRS. Community Tax Dallas will work with our clients and determine if they are eligible for tax deductions such as higher education expenses, gambling losses, charitable contributions, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, student loan interest, IRA contributions, medical expenses and more.

Community Tax Dallas income tax preparers are accurate and diligent when preparing returns. Our tax team completes continuing education and ongoing training to ensure that we are always up-to-date on new IRS policies and laws. We work with clients to ensure that the correct deductions and credits are taken from their income tax return. In addition, Community Tax Dallas can assist clients with personal planning for the fiscal year to help avoid future complications. We believe that income tax preparation should not be a burden on our clients. We will send simple fillable questionnaires that allow us to prepare your income taxes efficiently and quickly. Once you receive your tax return, you can review it for accuracy and send it back to be filed on time. Our tax preparers sign every tax return prepared and Community Tax Dallas puts a guarantee on all of our tax work.

In addition to both individual and corporate tax return preparation, our tax department assists clients with other tax preparation needs such as audits, estimated tax payments, estate tax problems, inheritance taxes, missing tax returns and much more. Community Tax Dallas handles IRS correspondence involving any IRS or state audits or notices. Call Community Tax Dallas today for more information about our income tax preparation services and to find out how we can help you save time and money this tax season.


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